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Eegees, A Tucson Staple, Opening a New Location at The Landing in Front of The Tucson Spectrum

Updated: Jan 15, 2021

If you are from Tucson or have ever visited the Old Pueblo you are most likely familiar with Eegee's. Eegee's is indescribably delicious and everyone looks forward to the flavors of the month, especially during the summer time. If you have never had Eegee's before and are around the Tucson or Casa Grande area, head there now for a frozen treat! It is not Hawaiian Shaved Ice and it is not ice cream, it is somewhere in the middle of the two and it is absolutely to die for!

Eegee's first started after two University of Arizona graduates decided to sell Italian ices to try to ease the hot desert sun. The two founders, Ed Irving and Bob Greenberg, combined their names to form "Eegee's." A lot has happened since the first location opened in 1971, including a recent buy out of the chain by a New York Private Equity Firm (39 North Capital) aiming to expand Eegee's beyond Tucson. I know what you are thinking, "Eegee's will not be a Tucson thing anymore!" and while that might be true and I empathize with you on that, that will be a discussion for some other time. As of now, Eegee's has 24 locations in Tucson and one in Casa Grande, but that number will soon change!

If you have not heard of the new Eegee's location coming to The Landing, located just north of The Tucson Spectrum, you are in for a big surprise! In case you are not familiar with The Landing, it is a giant 58-acre shopping center that will feature over 600,000 square feet of retail space and is said to include two hotels once it is completed. Some of your favorite stores will make their way down to the SouthWest side, including Ulta, Hobby Lobby, Chick Fil A, and and of course Eegee's! This Eegee's will be much different than all of the other ones in town as it will feature a very modern shipping container style design. Shipping container buildings are not unfamiliar to Tucson since we have Mercado District that is full of these modern buildings. Take a look at it! It's gorgeous!

Image Provided by Eegee's

If you have been inside of The Landing recently, you might have noticed the structure of a big building being constructed on the SouthEast corner of the shopping center close to the I19/Irvington exit ramp. In a couple of months, that will be the new home of the sexiest Eegee's in Tucson. The indoor/outdoor space the building is set to have is going to be perfect for Tucson summers and winters alike. The building is said to feature big garage doors that will be able to open up to further welcome patrons inside, similar to what is seen downtown with some of the restaurants like Street Taco and Beer Co. Most of all, Eegee's is planning on doing their part in the transition towards sustainability; using shipping containers to construct some of their new buildings addresses sustainability in more than one way. Kudos to Eegee's for evolving and looking cool while doing so.

What do you think of the new design? Will you be there opening day? Share with your friends and family on social media so that we can all Support our local businesses!


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